Municipal Government consulting Services performed by AxuMUNIS are :

Business Reports from your MUNIS database

  • AxuMUNIS provides assistance in custom report writing using Crystal Reports, IQ Objects, Embedded SQL, and Visual Basic (VB). ADEC writes CUSTOM REPORTS software for your desktop through ADO and OLEDB technology to display your MUNIS database. You can use your existing Microsoft applications or custom interface created for you (you do not need IQ Objects) to use AxuMUNIS reporting capabilities.

  • Complex Reports such as Multi-tiered Utility Billing (UB) Consumption reports , Microsoft Word embedded payroll and tax mailing labels, etc are feasible. The report is limited by your needs and the MUNIS data.

  • AxuMUNIS provides custom training to your personnel in the effective use of IQ Reporting. We can also set up IQ Objects for your system.

  • Front end development using Visual Basic for various databases: ADEC uses Visual Basic 6.0 to access, display, and modify data from various types of databases. The latest Active-X Data Objects (ADO) connection environment has opened the door wide to access information stored in many formats. Therefore get the most out of your past information investment.

  • Conversion of exiting COBOL programs to Visual BASIC applications: AxuMUNIS professionals have experience converting COBOL applications to preserve the same functionality while taking advantage of newer features. AxuMUNIS professionals can analyze your existing work flow and code to provide you solutions to meet your future information processing needs.

  • Integration of GIS & CADD data via Avenue, VB & Auto LISP: AxuMUNIS can assist you in bringing other Municipal data stores to integrate with your MUNIS database. Custom applications can be written to automate your tasks and get the most out of you existing data and software investment.