The civil/water resources
environmental engineering group is comprised of several specialty areas, described below. Each specialty area concentrates on providing knowledgeable and innovative quality services to our clients. Our staff members are committed to providing these services with a focus on continuous improvement.

Geographic Information System Development and digital mapping Services - We apply computer-based technology and IT solutions to mapping, surveying, and engineering projects. Our expertise in engineering and spatial science is complemented by the skills of practitioners of digital mapping, GIS, remote sensing, and integrated facilities management.

Facilities - We offer a wide range of facility engineering and related technology services including inspections, surveys, assessments, operations and maintenance plans, geographic information systems (GIS), and value assessment. These services provide federal, state, local and commercial clients with cost-effective and innovative solutions for managing their facilities and assets.


Transportation Engineering  Geographic Information System

  • Traffic Engineering and Design

  • Highway Engineering
  • Transportation Studies

  • NEPA/EIS studies
Civil Engineering Services
  • Geotechnical Studies and analyses
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analyses

  • Storm drain design and stormwater management

  • Digital mapping

  • GIS analysis

  • Integrated facilities management

  • GIS application development

  • Database design

  • Systems integration and design

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)/Global Positioning System (GPS)/Digital Mapping